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Our unique infographics let you explore your script from new perspectives, in seconds. It's like seeing your house for the first time with Google Earth.

Are you a fan of 3-acts, 4-acts, or no acts?

Syd Field, Save the Cat, Hero's Journey?

How about 6-Steps, 8-Sequences, or 11-Stages?

No problem - we support them all.

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Peer Feedback

No more email attachments!

Get notes from colleagues quickly, securely, and online with our LiveScript™ tool. We make it a painless experience for everyone, so you get more feedback more often!

Automatically cast dozens of gender-specific parts in seconds with our SmartCast™ tool. Then host an online table-read with our LiveScript™ tool.

You'll be amazed what you learn from hearing your script out loud for the first time!

Table Reads


We follow industry-standard best practices to protect your work. All your scripts, private script notes, and profile information are encrypted in our database and secured by SSL during transmission to your computer.

We offer extensive privacy controls that let you decide who sees your scripts, script notes, and personal profile information.

No script content, notes, or personal information will ever be released or sold to other companies.

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